about ~

I am Thomas, a full-stack developer from France. I have been developing websites and applications for 4 years now including 2 in a tech company.

passions ~

I love a lot of stuff. I love sport and I am a fan of basketball and football. I love music and I play guitar, bass, and piano. I love movies and series.
And on top of that, I love technology and computer science. I have created my first website at the age of 9, and it was a revelation.
I have never stopped.

studies ~

I have an Associate’s Degree in computer science. During these two years, I was working in a tech company called Transchain.
I have been working mainly as a back-end developer using many languages such as Javascript, Php, Golang, Java, etc.
In school and at work, I have been developing websites, APIs, applications, etc.

entrepreneurship ~

When I was in high school, I created my first company as a self-employed freelancer. It was named "Chill and Develop".
In 2018, I created Pixelio. I am still a self-employed developer but I work with other freelancer friends. We have a lot of projects such as Muutos which is an ecological application.
The main purpose of Pixelio is to help people act for change and initiate it by giving them all of the tools they need.

history of this website ~

I have always wanted to share my work and passion with the world. As I was looking for my next job in order to continue my studies, I figure out that it was very important to have a portfolio.
Moreover, I always wanted to have a personal blog in order to clarify shadowy areas I encountered during my early career, answer the questions I had as a young developer and transmit my feedback, feeling, and skills.
So I have decided to build this website, and I maid it in 3 days using Gatsby and Strapi.